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Top zagat rated seafood restaurants close to Sarasota airport

Top Zagat Rated Seafood Restaurants Close to Sarasota Airport

Located on Florida’s beautiful Gulf Coast, Sarasota is one of Florida’s most elegant cities. Travelers to this region will want to make the most of their stay. One of the best things about the area is access to wonderful seafood. Fresh seafood is on the menu at many Sarasota restaurants. Those who are planning to stay close to the airport or just passing through may want to find top rated seafood restaurants close to Sarasota airport. This way, they can enjoy a great meal that is all about sampling what the region has to offer. A good seafood restaurant helps showcase fresh products that are full of flavor. Many people look for restaurants that have met the approval of other travelers and offer reliable service as well as delicious food.

One Possibility

Fortunately for the hungry traveler, there are many options when it comes to finding seafood restaurants close to Sarasota airport. One such option is Captain Brian’s Seafood Market & Restaurant. This is a laid-back place that is all about casual enjoyment of good food. The restaurant offers many kinds of fresh seafood that is caught locally. Travelers can sample grouper made in many different ways. They can also eat fresh, delicious jumbo shrimp as well as large lobsters that purchased at the local markets and are available for direct sale for the traveler who wants to make their own. Those who would like to eat something light can opt for a salad.

Other Options

Another great choice that many Zagat raters really like is Duval’s Fresh Local Seafood. This is a good place to go for a high end meal in fabulous surroundings. Innovative preparations such as macaroni and cheese with lobster and blackened grouper tostadas make this one an ideal place for those who really love seafood and appreciate fine service. For an equally delicious meal that’s a little easier on the pocketbook, many people turn to Owen’s Fish Camp. The restaurant has a charming feel to it that hawks back to classic Florida cuisine. Diners can pick from many kinds of choices in a congenial setting that encourages lighthearted conversation. Here, the emphasis is on southern favorites like grits and smoked oysters as well as the use of more modern items with lots of spices.

Area Favorites

The area around the airport also has many local area favorites that attract both travelers and those in search of a good meal. Veronica Fish and Oyster, for example, emphasizes a raw bar that lets diners sample many local types of oysters that are true favorites for natives who appreciate fine seafood. The restaurant also offers classic southern options such as hush puppies. Dinners who have company that likes other things besides seafood can also find many kinds of meatier options in the menu here.

Sarasota is a lovely area with many attractions. If you are traveling through this friendly region, take advantage of one of the area’s many fine seafood restaurant options. For a really special way to see the city, why not choose our luxurious Sarasota limo rental service?