Taxi From Indian Shores To Tampa Airport

Taxi From Indian Shores To Tampa Airport

If you live in Indian Shores and you’re planning to fly somewhere out of Tampa International Airport, by far the least stressful way to get to the terminal is to take a taxi from Indian Shores to Tampa Airport. Your natural reaction might be that a 40-minute cab ride is too expensive, think again.

Taxi fares from Indian Shores to Tampa Airport are in the realm of $51 each way for a luxury sedan, $71 for a crossover and only $77 if you require an SUV. That comes to somewhere between $100 and $150 for taxi fares from Indian Shores to Tampa Airport.

Fuel Costs

The average mileage for an SUV is approximately 15-16 MPG. The distance covered by a taxi from Indian Shores to Tampa Airport is roughly 30 miles, depending on where in Indian Shores you live. Assuming your SUV runs on diesel at a cost of $3.00 per gallon, That runs to $18.00 round trip, assuming someone is giving you a lift.

That might sound appealing compared to taxi fares from Indian Shores to Tampa Airport, but what if you run into traffic? Any cab driver worth his salt will know the shortcuts and rat runs along the route that he can probably get you there in time to check in for your flight, even during rush hour, provided you haven’t allowed yourself a ridiculously insufficient time interval to begin with.

Parking Fees

Now consider the scenario where you have to take your own SUV to the airport. You’ve got a large family or multiple traveling companions, plus all their luggage. You are going to have to park your vehicle at Tampa Airport. Let’s assume you are going to be away for seven days and that you park in the Economy Parking lot at Tampa International Airport.

The minimum parking charge here is $10 per day or $70 for the entire week. Oops, you’re in your SUV. That will be $18 per day, thank you very much, a total of $126 for the week. Add to that $18 for return fuel costs, and you are now up to $144 dollars.


There is no contest. A taxi will take you from your front door directly to your designated check-in terminal. If you leave your vehicle in Long Term Parking at the Airport, you have to schlepp your crew and all your belongings from the parking lot to the terminal building. Depending on the adult:child ratio, this could be a major headache.

Your Taxi:self-drive ratio might be lower than the one calculated here. Even so, air travel is stressful enough it may be worth it in the long term to bite the cost bullet and take the cab.