First and foremost here at ALD Limo Corp, we place safety as our highest priority. Our cars are all 2017 or 2018 models and exceed industry maintenance standards. Additionally, we hire only drivers with sharp awareness of his or her surroundings and superb interpersonal relationship skills. We want every one of our customers to feel safe and at ease while we provide service.

We cull the applicants for driving with us in many ways. We check the drivers’ driving history, going back 7 years, we do random drug testing of all our drivers, do social media background checks and conduct NATIONAL background checks, whereas most companies in the transportation run only state or local criminal history checks, if any at all. A common thread among many companies in the transportation industry is the adherence to local and sate laws relative to background check information. Some states and local governments require no background checks whatsoever, while some transportation providers do only a local and possibly state background checks. Therefore they often cite that they are in compliance with local and state laws. Not mentioning there no laws apply at all. That’s not enough for us, our standards exceed industry standards.

We fingerprint our drivers and gather information on federal, all states, and all local levels. This is expensive and rare in the transportation industry, but we exceed all regulatory requirements, checking criminal backgrounds, arrest records, warrants, court records, and traffic infractions. We do this by following the Federal FCRA, which standardizes the scrutiny of criminal history, employment history, verification of education, motor vehicle reports, health care sanctions and professional licensures.

Although FCRA is a Federal Act, it solely applies to employer sectors which use a third party to procure the information. Consequently, employers do in house background checks to avoid meeting the Federal standard of the FCRA. Not us, we voluntarily adhere to the Federal Standard by using reputable third party companies which produce credible results. Of note is that although FCRA stands for Fair Credit Reporting Act, established in 1970, the scope of the federal law was greatly expanded in 1996 and now governs background reports for employment screening.

ALD Limo is currently looking for owner operators with necessary insurance and permits to pick up at Sarasota airport, Tampa airport and Hillsborough County.

Additionally, we are looking for responsible, reliable drivers to work in our company cars.

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